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Our Pegs ⭐

On this page you will find all the info you need and more on our beautiful range of stainless steel pegs! 


Read below for information on the following:

Grade 201 (standard grade)

Grade 304 (tough grade)

Grade 316 (marine grade)

Multicolour plated spring steel

Office/Craft 1mm pegs

Note that our rainbow plated pegs come in Grade 304 and Grade 316 only.

Two PEGZ wire pegs side by side on white background

Grade 201 Stainless Steel – the standard grade and a great all rounder for quality and price. While they’re quite hardy, we don’t recommend leaving them outdoors for extended periods or for salty conditions. We have these in 1.75mm and 2mm wire diameter in bags of 30. 2mm wire is the standard for medium weight clothing and breezy days; however if you're not confident in your (or the users) finger pinch strength, our 1.75mm pegs are the ones for you as they are easy-open. 

the dimensions of a PEGZ Grade 304 by 2mm wire peg

Grade 304 Stainless Steel – the “tough” grade for higher corrosion and rust resistance that can be left outside between uses - unless you live in coastal regions in which case see our 316 grade below. Both sizes on offer are appropriate in windy conditions, one being our standard 2mm wire diameter and 60mm length and the other in 2.3mm wire diameter and 64mm length for the strongest hold on gusty days or for your heavy work gear, bath mats, blankets, naughty children, and so on.

Four stainless steel wire pegs on the clothes line on a grey, cloudy day with water droplets on them.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel – the “marine” grade and the toughest, anti-rust steel pegs available. These pegs are the right choice if you live near the beach or if you like to leave your pegs on the line or exposed to the weather at all times. We have 3 sizes in this grade; 1.7mm wire diameter which is an "easy-open" option, regular 2mm wire for strong every day use, and 2mm wire by 76mm for extra length and extra strength to really grip those heavy items and make sure your undies don’t end up in your neighbors yard on a windy day.

A half circle of shiny and colourful multicolour wire pegs next to a piece of jute fabric

Next up we have our stunning multicolour spring steel pegs. Each bag of 30 contains an even mix of the 5 beautiful colours as pictured above. Please note that these pegs are not true stainless steel and have a much lower corrosion resistance than our other pegs. We recommend them for indoor use, if using outdoors please bring them in immediately after use to avoid rust.

two small wire pegs sitting on paper

Office or craft pegs – our adorable little 33mm peglets for stationery or craft use that are available in 5 colours 😍 they come in a pack of 50 so you’ll never be lost without paper clip again! These are made from 1mm spring steel wire and don't have the anti-corrosive properties of our other types of pegs, so please keep away from moisture.

That's it for our range of pegs, but please read on below if you’re itching to find out more about stainless steel composition and electroplating (you are, aren’t you?!)


person writing complex formulas on a blackboard

Our Pegs use 4 different types of steel which are the grades mentioned above; 201, 304 and 316, as well as spring steel for our multicolour and office pegs.

The main difference between the steel types is the level of nickel. The levels of chromium and nickel are what give stainless steel it’s anti-corrosion properties, and the level of chromium in the 3 main grades is approximately the same at between 16-20%. The nickel content however, is 3.5 to 5.5% for 201 making it more cost efficient and versatile, but less hardy than 304 which has 8-10%. This makes it super resistant to a lot of chemical and environmental factors but can still be corroded in time by salt, which is where 316 comes to the rescue with a nickel content of around 12% (and the addition of molybdenum) and will virtually never rust.

Our multi-coloured pegs (not rainbows) are made of spring steel which is bent into shape just like the others, however they then go through an electroplating or vacuum plating process. The very short version of this process is: Pegs go into vacuum chamber, are coated under high pressure with the vapour of a coloured metal, and come out the other side in shiny colours. It’s considered an environmentally friendly process because the vacuum chamber is self contained and tightly sealed meaning that no vapours can escape. It’s also much safer than another form of plating where chromium is mixed with cyanide – not a chemical we wanted near our pegs or to have as part of the manufacturing process at all!

If you've got any questions about our pegs please ask us or take a look at our FAQ page!

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