We've been supplying Aussies with our fantastic wire pegs for almost 2 years. Understandably we get a lot of questions about them, especially from people who've never held one and are used to standard plastic pegs!

This blog aims to answer most of the common questions we get about choosing, using and storing wire pegs.

Question #1: won't metal pegs get hot in the sun? 

If only we had a dollar for every time we got asked this question! The answer is no, they don't get hot. The wire isn't thick enough to conduct the heat and the ability for airflow around the wire helps keep them cool too. We tested them on a 45 degree day here in Adelaide where they had been in full afternoon sun, and they were warm to the touch but nowhere near hot enough to burn fingers. 

Question #2: will they rust?

Our marine grade 316 pegs won't rust even in coastal conditions. We also offer grade 304 which is very resistant to rust and suitable for most conditions other than coastal. Our third and most affordable option is our grade 201 pegs which are still stainless steel however less resistant to rust than the other grades. In Adelaide I left grade 201 on my line permanently as an experiment and it took 19 months to see the first signs of rust. For this reason we recommend bringing grade 201 inside after use to get maximum longevity from your pegs.

Question #3: will they leave indents on my clothes?

This is tricky to answer as it depends on the fabric as well as how long you leave garments on the line once they are dry. We rarely notice any marks on our clothes, and general feedback from customers is that they don't leave any more of an indent than a standard plastic peg. 

Question #4: can I leave them on my line?

If you have our grade 316 pegs, they can be left on the line in all conditions with no risk of rust. In non coastal areas our grade 304 are also fine to be left on the line, however in coastal areas they should be brought in after use. Grade 201 should always be brought inside or undercover between uses to avoid potential rust.

Question #5: which wire strength is right for me?

We have 3 main wire sizes which are 1.7mm (standard), 2mm (strong) and 2.3mm (extra strong). Our 2.3mm wire pegs are awesome for heavy work gear and wind-prone areas, however they do require a strong pinch grip that might not suit everyone. 1.7mm wire is easy open for individuals who might not have a strong pinch due to arthritis or other conditions. 2mm wire is the middle ground and is our most popular wire size. We use all 3 sizes personally and all of them hold our clothes securely - we have never yet had a peg come off the line! 

Question #5: where are they made?

Our pegs, like all pegs of this style available in Australia, are made overseas by our lovely partners in China. We searched high and low for the specialised machinery to make them on Australian soil but to no avail. Having said that, we haven't given up and have started the conversation locally about bringing the manufacturing of our pegs to Australia. We will of course keep our customers informed of any news in this area!

We hope this blog helps with any questions you may have had about our excellent pegs! If you still have questions please reach out to us so we can answer them for you!