As a mum of 2 small kids and a family of sensitive skin, I had grown to loathe the artificially scented, toxin-laden laundry detergent in rigid plastic bottles that the supermarket offered up. And so began the hunt for the perfect laundry liquid.

With two small kids - one in cloth nappies - and boat loads of washing to do each week, I knew I had to find something really good that would tick all my boxes. My criteria was roughly this:

- gentle on clothes and skin
- doesn't harm the environment
- actually works
- not in a plastic bottle

I initially came across soap berries, or soap nuts as they are sometimes labelled. If you haven't come across them yet, soap berries are small dried berries, organically grown in the Himalayas and naturally containing Saponin (the compound that makes them soap up when agitated in water).

Soap berries were a good quick-fix and I used them for a while; but on their own I felt they weren’t giving me the same level of "clean & fresh" I was used to without adding essential oils or other boosters in to the tub.

Soon after, Happi Earth popped up in my news feed when a friend had tried it and was raving about how good it was.

I investigated on their website; and right from the get-go I knew I'd found what I was looking for. Happi didn't just check off my criteria list - it did so much more. Here's what pleased me the most:

- A total of 5 ingredients that are all certified organic
- performed an average 161% better than the leading commercial brand
- one pouch lasts a whole year (25c per wash)
- return the pouch when it's empty for refilling
- a mangrove tree is planted for every pouch sold

So I bought my starter pack which included a pump bottle to easily measure the small amount required for any size load (just 2 pumps, it's crazy) and I can tell you now, after 6 months of use, I'll never go back! 

Happi's main ingredient is soap berry concentrate but it also contains organic bean glycerine and sugarcane ethanol for cleaning power as well as organic eucalyptus and orange essential oils for a gentle, fresh fragrance. And that's it! No fillers, no chemicals and no added water to bulk it up like other brands will do.

I was so impressed by Happi that I contacted them and asked if PEGZ could be their very first stockist and much to my excitement, they agreed!

We hope you enjoy using Happi as much as we do, if you have any questions please let us know!