Stock update!

We would like to provide some information and updates regarding our stock for March/April 2020. 

The Chinese New Year holiday coupled with Coronavirus delays have had an impact on us and our stock availability through February and now into March and April. 

Production has been delayed and shipping times have been longer than usual. We've managed to get some pegs back in stock over the last 7 days however we now face a shortage of our jute bags in which we hand pack our pegs for you. We are almost fully cleaned out at the moment - and without bags we can't ship your pegs!

We have made the decision to leave all items on our website as "in stock" rather than not allow purchases during this time. We hope you'll understand the reason behind postage delays and we thank you for your patience! 

We are continuing to test and look at bringing gold and charcoal pegs to you - as per popular demand! 

If there's something you want to see in store please let us know, we will happily expand our range to cater for what our customers want. 

If you have any queries, concerns or feedback please drop us a line. 

Yours truly,

Andrea & Chrissy

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